Opening van de meest moderne tuinbouw kas in Roemenie

Agriprogress is blij te kunnen berichten, dat op 19 October de meest moderne kas van Roemenie wordt geopend. De kas is gebouwd door het cluster Holland House of Horticulture. Agriprogress was de projectmanager van het business development deel in Roemenie. Deze kas biedt zeker goede mogelijkheden voor verdere groei van het cluster. Zie onder het persbericht.

Romania’s largest greenhouse will be inaugurated on Thursday, October 19, in the village of Biled near Timisoara.

It is a 100% Romanian investment, but the technology has been brought from the Netherlands. It covers 17,000 sqm, which makes it the largest project in Romania’s horticultural sector in the last 12 years, reports local

The greenhouse, which is located 20 kilometers away from Timisoara, will produce tomatoes. The project is owned by Romanian investor Silvia Raileanu, who has used European funds to carry out this investment.

The project has a heating and energy efficiency system through the use of geothermal water and boiler. The greenhouse also has a system for irrigation and efficient water consumption through drainage that reaches 40%.