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Searching for investment partner dairy plant

For our partner in Romania, a midsized dairy factory (fresh products) in the middle of the country, we are looking for an investment partner The factory has a long experience in the market, a relative new production line and excellent cont(r)acts with the retail in the...
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Webinar Greek horticulture

At the first of July 2021 from 13-14pm Agriprogress will present their market study about the Greek Agri and food sector, with main focus on potato, fruit and vegetables for a mixed audience of Greek and Dutch stakeholders The market study has been executed for the Embassy of...
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Nieuwe tulp Lalea Uranus gedoopt

The Romanian architect Bogdan Mihai, the Senate of Romania, the green suppliers from Ion Olteanu, Urban Landscapes Romania (a group of green suppliers from the Netherlands), Business Development Group Bucharest, The Embassy of the Netherlands, RVO and Agriprogress are working...
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