about agriprogress

Agriprogress organises sustainable business development in agri- and foodchains. Our drive is the development of sustainable progress in the agri- and foodsector by management, consultancy and training. Founder of Agriprogress is Pieter Helfferich. To be able to go into detail in his projects Agriprogress works together with and contracts Dutch and foreign senior specialists (in the group are specialist top organic and non organic farmers for you available) . The network structure keeps Agriprogress flexible and be able to follow the development in the markets.

Pieter Helfferich, expert agribusiness development

Pieter Helfferich (1962) has more than 30 years experience with (new) business development in the agri- and foodbusiness, he is the founder of Agriprogress.  His background is Wageningen University: Agricultural Engineering and business administration and was grown up in a dairy farm. Pieter has  a long experience with the development and improvement of agribusiness companies as improvement consultant and projectmanager. He worked 5 years as new business developer for ERP in feed and food in the German market (Adifo). From 2002-2007 he was the director of the farmers- and growersfuture of Holland, the NAJK (young farmers association). Renovated dairy farms and -factories in West Ukraine and developed a soybean oil factory in Ukraine. In 2007 was the start of the activities in Romania with cofounding a landfund, from 2011-2016 director of 800 ha arable farm and now manager of clusters Holland Dairy House and Holland House of Horticulture. See also his linkedin profile.


  • Project development and management in the agribusiness
  • Result improvement in agri- and food companies (including farms)
  • Development of sustainable new business concepts
  • Development of new international activities (import/export)
  • Feasiblity studies and business planning (including subsidies and financing)
  • Coaching of startups, investors, companies and clusters

Johan Schoenmakers, expert horticulture


Johan was born in 1957 geboren in an agricultural family. At a young age he started with horticulture. As teacher horticulture he started in Curacao and later in the south of Holland at vocational colleges. In this way he developed a wide network with growers in the Netherlands, growing in open fields as well in greenhouses. The most important crops he worked with are tomato, pepper, cucumber, leeks and blue berry. The improvement and optimalisation of the growing conditions of a healthy and productive crop stays a challenge and is his passion.  He continues to learn and deepens his knowledge about modern technologies.  Teaching about soil, fertilisation, substrate, climate and plant physiology is a nice way to transfer knowhow.  Traveling to other countries and studying local challenges and development of strategies are part of his ambition to share his knowledge and insights.


  • Development of trainings and training/advice for groups and individuals
  • Plant physiology and the growing conditions of the crop
  • Greenhouse climate and the development of optimal growing conditions
  • Fertilisation of crop and soil in open field and covered circumstances (glass or plastic)

Dutch is mother tongue, English and Spanish fluent


Tom Lugtenberg, expert dairy farm development

Tom (1976) was born on a dairy farm in the East of Holland. He finished his bachelor Zootechnics at Van Hall Larenstein in 1997. After this he became advisor/accountmanager for dairy farms at the Rabobank in Twello. Beside this he became also active at the family dairy farm in partnership with his parents. Since 2010 he is fully in charge. Together with his wife he developed the farm from 60 to 160 mk, including full renovation of the farm. His strategy is to have a solid land base in the region to create circular systems (forage, manure) and to develop together with nature excellent products. Tom has a lot of experience with agricultural organisations: calf breeding organisation, farmers organisation LTO and with the cooperative Friesland Campina.


  • dairy farm management
  • strategy development and improvement of dairy farms
  • business planning and cost price reduction
  • farmers organisations


The approach

Agriprogress supplies thinkers and doers, we can support you in the thinking about and also in the development of your investment idea, however we can assist also in the realisation of it. is a tradename of Helfferich Consult. The three element side logo of Agriprogress symbolizes the philosophy: doing, network and strategy.


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New start for Dutch pig farmers in Romania (program plus registration)

Mooie nieuwe kansen voor (gesaneerde) Nederlandse varkenshouders in Roemenië Zoals bij een ieder bekend is op het moment in Nederland een grote saneringsronde gaande (subsidieregeling sanering varkenshouderij) waarvoor € 455 mln beschikbaar is gesteld 407 varkenshouderijen...

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