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Agriprogress has an office in Deventer and in Bucharest. Agriprogress is a tradename of Helfferich Consult.

Agriprogress Netherlands
Nieuwe Rij 11, 7413 ZX Deventer

Agriprogress Bucharest
Intrarea Roma nr.3, Sectorul 1, jud. Bucuresti

Tel: 0031653782889


    Agribusiness opportunities in Romania for farmers, growers, agrifood companies and investors

    Agriprogress is since 2007 active in and with the Romanian agribusiness more than 60 Dutch investors/companies including farmers have been supported to develop their business in this promising country In the Netherlands the police and strategy to develop to more nature...

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    Successful study visit to the Dutch meat sector of Romanian top delegation

    Agriprogress organized in September 2022 in close partnership with Dutch fattening farmers, Dutch suppliers of barn and feeding equipment and the Dutch meat processing and trade industry a successful visit for a Romanian group of to get an impression of the working of these...

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    Pieter Helfferich believes the Netherlands could turn the nitrogen crisis into something positive

    Hereby an article what recently has been published in the Norwegian journal Nationen Pieter Helfferich has lived a life in and around Dutch agriculture He believes the authorities see the nitrogen crisis far too narrowly and negatively Oslo Pieter Helfferich is...

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