Agriprogress organises sustainable development in the agri- and foodbusiness. Our network, our knowhow and more than 30 years experience with LEADING COMPANIES make it possible to go fast to the core.

Agribusiness development services

Our activities and services

Agriprogress can support your business development via a wide package of services. Our experience is that projects should always be tailor made. Our projects start always first with a thorough analysis of your questions and challenges, resulting in a common action plan.

Agriprogress has more than 30 years experience in the agribusiness, that is the reason we come faster to the core and causes of problems. If you want to see some examples of our projects please press references

We work from two offices in Deventer and from Bucharest.

Activities focusing on innovation and development in the Dutch market

  • Management consultancy/assessment

We have in dairy, horticulture, arable and fruit chain specialists to make a quickscan/assessment of your business and also a plan to improve it. The same in the field of meat, feed and vegetable processing. We have a long experience with management consultancy activities in the agribusiness.

  • Interim- and projectmanagement

There is a lot going on at the Dutch countryside and agribusiness, we can support you with projectmanagement for rural development programs.

  • Studyvisits and training

For various groups we organized and did studyvisits often combined with training in the Netherlands. We have experts and network in various topics in the agribusiness sector. Dairy, arable and horticultural chains are our specialisms.

  • Innovation Quickscan

For the stimulation of sustainable innovation we developed the AIQ (Agriprogress Innovation Quickscan). With an investment of 3 days we guarantee you 6 new innovation ideas.

  • Sustainable innovation projects

Development of new business concepts (see our innovation quick scan). For the Dutch market we develop new chain concepts.

Activities focusing on internationalization and export

Agriprogress Project Approach

Agriprogress can organise your project from idea till start up. Press at Agriprogress Project Approach to see the PDF what explains our project planning methodology.








We offer you the following services via interim management, consultancy and training (eventually also from our office in Romania).

  • Studyvisits and training

For various groups we organized and did studyvisits often combined with training in mainly Romania and Ukraine. We have experts and network in various topics in the agribusiness sector. Dairy, arable, meat and horticultural chains are our specialisms.

  • Project development and realisation

Press at Agriprogress Project Approach for more information.

  • Agriprogress Search and Select

if you are a foreign investor looking for high quality Dutch new or second hand equipment for primary production and/or processing, we can search and select for you a good solution.

  • Business planning and feasibility studies

Our experts can make for you the business plan to convince your investors and eventually also yourself, that the investment is viable.

  • Export coaching

if you are thinking about starting and/or improving export. Agriprogress is registered as SIB coach (RVO Starters International Business). From the Dutch government you can get a free voucher of 2.500 Euro for this, if you are a Dutch SME. You want to know more go to SIB voucher arrangement.

  • Business restructuring/ improvement/assessment

We have in dairy, horticulture, arable and fruit specialists to make a quickscan of your business and also a plan to improve it. The same in the field of meat and vegetable processing.


  • Cluster approach to develop the international market 

The development and management of new clusters of companies and knowledge institutes for the development of a new product or market (see for example and

  • Search and selection

The promotion, search and selection of farms/land in Romania, including evt. restructuring

  • Subsidies

Support in the development of a financial plan and subsidies (commercial and including applying for  subsidies like FEADR, PIB, DGGF, NL export subsidies)

  • Interim- and projectmanagement

As you can see in our team we have experience in farm management, but also in the supply, collection and processing of agriproducts. Online consultancy we do more and more.

  • Partner search and select

The search for distributors and the development of partnerships. Agriprogress can do agency activities via their entities in the Netherlands and/or Romania to start up your business

The above mentioned list is a summary of our activities, in praxis if you have a challenge this will be different, so please give us a call or mail to discuss for free your challenge and how we can support you to make it to a succes.



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