For sale

Dairy farm for sale 1,5 hour from Bucharest

Ca. 1,5 hour from Bucharest a dairy farm is for sale. At the moment 120 milking cows with a production of 28 kg pro day average. The farm is built on a block of 5 ha and has 150 boxes. There are permits to extend to 500 milking cows. Solar project for 90.000 Euro is […]

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Modern pig farm for sale

In the North part of Romania is a recently modernized pig farm for sale. The renovation has just been completed. The farm includes 31.000 fattening places (Big Dutchman and Ako), 4.000 sows places, a feed factory (Van Aarsen) and manure treatment. The farm is in an arable region. At the moment Romania is only 50% […]

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Study trips

Agriprogress organises for a first orientation in the country you are interested in is study visits. It can be private but also as a group visit. In case of a group visit from Dutch investors/businesses the Dutch government can give in certain conditions also financial support. Agriprogress has already a long tradition with study visits to the Netherlands and Romania.  If you are interested contact us via the info form.