Dairy farm for sale

The company is located one hour drive from the new airport of Brasov. The company owns 17 ha, of which 7 ha arable and 10 ha building block with all permits, including electricity and water. The company has a lease contract with 50 ha of arable land and 50 ha of pasture. The company has been active for more than 5 years (profitable) so is eligible for investment grants. The 7 buildings have all been renovated and the owner currently keeps 150 waterbuffaloes.

The place and company is very suitable for organic livestock farming (meat and milk). It is a very beautiful surrounding. If you want to know more, please contact us.

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  • Romania Brasov region, one hour from airport and touristic areas
  • 100 ha of land (50 pasture, 50 arable)
  • 17 ha own (10 ha building plot including electricity and water)
  • Company is eligible for investment subsidies
  • Good place to set up meat- or milk cattle farm (evt. organic)

Study trips

Agriprogress organises for a first orientation in the country you are interested in is study visits. It can be private but also as a group visit. In case of a group visit from Dutch investors/businesses the Dutch government can give in certain conditions also financial support. Agriprogress has already a long tradition with study visits to the Netherlands and Romania.  If you are interested contact us via the info form.