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Holland House of Horticulture gets high visitors

Agriprogress manages the cluster of companies in Holland House of Horticulture (hollandhortihousecom) We support the business development in the Romanian market We had a high delegation visiting us at the 2nd of October The Romanian Ambassador and representatives from RVO We...
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Agriprogress and biostimulants

Agriprogress tests at the moment in corn and potatoes some new biostimulants for the Romanian and Dutch market In Romania the results are promising (10% more yield) Agriprogress only sells where we believe in, so first tests and then distribution Do you want more info or...
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Happy New Year-An nou fericit

 Agriprogress is wishing you a happy New year for you, your family, friends and business We are looking forward to support you in 2017 in finding and realizing your business development...
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