Dutch veal sector is looking at opportunities in Romania

Agriprogress (www.agriprogress.com) organized a wonderful study trip to Romania from 17-21 June in collaboration with the Veal Farmers Association. Who is not aware of it. Dutch agriculture and horticulture is under heavy pressure due to the various environmental measures that are on the way (particularly due to the nitrogen plans). It is expected that production within the EU will increasingly shift to Eastern Europe. Romania is a country with a lot of land that is not always optimally utilized, where a lot of growth will take place, while the chains in the Netherlands will shrink. Reason for the group of veal farmers to take a look.

During the trip, several successful Dutch and Romanian companies were visited. Dutch Trading Srl in Mizil, the beautiful company of Gert Bronkhorst, the largest veal trader in Romania (a description of the company may follow in a later idea). DN Agrar in Garbova, Jan de Boer's listed company with 8,000 dairy cows and 11,000 ha of land (www.dn-agrar.eu). Karpathen Meat in Marpod (www.karpaten-meat.com), specialized in grass-fed Black Angus meat (the alternative to the Argentine steak, there are currently about 80,000 animals in Romania, extensive report will follow). Various contacts have also been made with potential buyers/slaughterhouses of the calves.

More info: Agriprogress, Pieter Helfferich, 0653782889, pieter@agriprogress.com