Agribusiness opportunities in Romania for farmers, growers, agrifood companies and investors

Agriprogress is since 2007 active in and with the Romanian agribusiness more than 60 Dutch investors/companies including farmers have been supported to develop their business in this promising country. In the Netherlands the police and strategy to develop to more nature inclusive agrifood chains. Circular agriculture, organic farming, water quality, biodiversity, plant based human proteins, animal welfare, decrease of fertilizer and plant protection means are on top of mind. The goal is to buy out ca 800 farms and to decrease the ammoniak emission with 30%. There is 25 billion Euro available to make the transition in the Dutch rural areas. The practice is that farms which are bought out have to pay substantial tax (one pocket, the other pocket out). In Romania the strategy is to develop more added value activities in the agrifood chains, this mean animal husbandry but also the development of the processing, sorting and packaging, storage, transport including marketing activities, this with subsidies varying from 50-90 %. We do search and select of locations, we do study visits, we make business plans, we do the legal check and due diligence, we can help you with the start in Romania. We have regular new offers for farms who want to sell, so check our website regular. In the picture a greenhouse of 2 ha and fruityard what is at the moment for sale. Please give us a call to discuss at +31653782889 or mail: